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HiberEasypulse for off-grid equipment tracking.

Equipment tracking and monitoring should be easy, even in remote areas. That’s why we invented HiberEasypulse.

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    A full end-to-end equipment tracking and monitoring solution. Sensors. Connectivity. Dashboard. It’s all in there. And it all works anywhere in the world. Install within 15 minutes and track or monitor your equipment while they’re on the move, easy!

    Feature overview

    - GPS, movement, and vibration reporting anywhere on the globe.

    - 2-way global satellite connectivity for messaging system for easy updates.

    - Periodic messages sent at 15 minutes intervals when your assets are working perfectly.

    - Emergency alerts when the assets exceeds predetermined thresholds.

    - Rugged IP67-compliant device tested for the toughest environments and climates.

    - Battery-powered with a lifetime as long as 5 years (depending on message frequency).

    - 32 - 140 bytes message size.

    For a full list of specifications, ask for the datasheet at


    Edge computing with over-the-air firmware updates

    Up to 5 year battery life and capacity up to 35Ah

    On-board storage of 100+ messages

    AES-256 data encryption

    ARMⓡ Cortexⓡ - M33 hardware encryption and security

    160mm x 160mm x 90mm (excluding mounting)

    250mm x 250 mm x 100mm (including magnetic mounting structure)

    2.6kg (including mounting plate and magnets)

    • No extra cost for hardware, software or connectivity.

    • Subscription fees are billed monthly & upfront.

    • Shipping costs are billed upfront.

    • 1 subscription for 1 asset. Multiple assets in your dashboard.

    • No minimum order quantity.

    • For orders of more than 100+ items, please reach out to

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