Pre-order: HiberEasypulse - Battery powered

Regular price €9.99 p/m

Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces

Asset tracking and monitoring should be easy, even in remote areas. That’s why we invented HiberEasypulse. A full end-to-end asset tracking and monitoring solution. Sensors. Connectivity. Dashboard. It’s all in there. And it all works anywhere in the world (though we’re starting out in the US and Europe, first). So you can track and monitor your machines and equipment while they’re on the move, without any hassle.


Pre-order the “Everything-I-Need” asset tracking and monitoring solution.

  • GPS, movement, and vibration reporting anywhere on the globe.
    2-way messaging system for easy updates.
  • Periodic messages sent at regular intervals when your assets are working perfectly.
  • Emergency alerts when the asset exceeds predetermined thresholds.
  • Rugged IP67-compliant device tested for the toughest environments and climates.
  • Battery-powered with a lifetime as long as 5 years (depending on message frequency).
  • 32 - 140 bytes message size
  • Available in Europe and the USA only.

For a full list of specifications, download the datasheet on this page.

Pricing & pre-order conditions

  • Pricing starting at €9.99 ($12.5) per month based on a 5 year contract
  • Subscription fees are billed annually & upfront
  • Shipping costs are billed upon delivery
  • Minimum 5 subscriptions to start. A subscription includes 1 easy to install edge station, connectivity and dashboard.
  • The minimum order quantity is 5 pieces
  • For orders above 100 pieces, please reach out to
  • Expected shipping date: 15 September 2021

For pre-orders from the USA:

  • This device is currently licensed for experimental use only; pre-order today for delivery upon granting by FCC of full license, expected in September 2021.
  • Additional taxes might apply upon order delivery.

For pre-orders from Europe:

  • This device is currently pending CE certification; pre-order today for delivery upon completion of CE certification. Expected shipment of the device in September 2021.